Street Photography Insight

Hello Dear Reader! For this week I will talk about street photography, I find it very interesting, since I never know what is going to happen before my eyes I just decide where to go first and once there I am looking for interesting people, places, situations or things. The images you see in here were... Continue Reading →

Photographs of Truth & Conflict at The Granville Island Market

This week the photographic tour was in Granville island Market, that was originally full with factories and when they started to move to other places around 1975  Vancouver government decided to transform it in to a market and limited the land usage to arts, crafts and maritime products. I was in the area looking to... Continue Reading →

Photography at night: Vandusen Gardens

This time I will talk about a beautiful place, The Vandusen Gardens in Vancouver and in particularly the Festival of lights that is a seasonal event during December and the first week of January. If you like Christmas, definitely this is a place you must visit, you will hear the classic Christmas Carols and some... Continue Reading →

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