The key to freeze Motion

Hello Dear reader! My latest photoshoot was of a man that practices Muai Thai, and the purpose was to freeze the motion, and I was looking for a silhouette style, for this I needed to have a larger space and since it was not available I had to do it in the studio. Usually for... Continue Reading →

Deciding my photography specialty

Hello Dear reader!! I will talk today about the photography specialty I would like to pursue professionally, and this is no easy decision. I will be taking photos of products and people, this includes commercial photography, portraits & headshots either on studio and in location. I found that even though is very stressful for me... Continue Reading →

My first model photoshoot

Hello dear reader! As promised I will talk this week about a fitness photoshoot, but it was also my first photoshoot with a model, so I will tell you more about that. It was an amazing experience, but it required a lot of previous work, to find the model, the hair stylist and make up... Continue Reading →

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