Behind the scenes: Fashion Shoot

Hello dear reader!

I will tell you this week about my experience in a fashion photoshoot on location, and remember to check out the BTS (Behind the scenes) video I share at the end of this post.

It was an assignment I had, where it was required to have at least 3 models and had to be done in location, the creative concept was up to me and I worked with a team of 3 other photographers.


The most stressful part was to put everything together, from scouting locations, selecting the models and MUA (make up artist), getting the outfits and coordinating with everyone involved their role and logistics of the photoshoot.

The best tip I can give you is to always have backup models, as you never know if anything might happen to them, such as family emergency, being stuck in traffic, getting sick, etc, and the least you need to worry about is if the models will be in the set.

Also when you work with so many different models you will require help to have them pose as it is challenging to have them all look good in the same shot.


Stay tuned for next week, I will be writing about colour photographs Vs Black and white, when to decide which one to choose.

I hope you like it, I would love to hear your comments.

Click here to see the BTS Video

See you soon!

Greta Sanchez

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