Hats of Pantone 2018

Hello dear reader!

As promised here you have the images captured for the Pantone contest, the hats were designed by students of LaSalle College, and are made with the colour of the Pantone of 2018 where pink is one of the predominant colours.

This photoshoot was done in a Studio, and we used paper to have as foreground, the colours of the hats are from the Pantone of this year, the one on top is Rapture Rose, and all of the photos were created under the same concept as this was for a project were students had to submit the images all with white background.


This other hat represents Ash Rose, and we worked with the Art director to have the models pose in a way where the Hat is the most important part of the image and to feature all their details.

The models makeup was done also according to the colour palette to have them combine with the hats and their pose is with the eyes looking away as that way the attention of the is centred in the hat it self.


For a photoshoot like this, where there were 12 models in total and 12 hats, plus the corresponding designer of each hat, is important to keep a schedule and the studio with only the people necessary for each shoot to avoid delays and to have the best communication.

For the next post stay tuned as I will talk to you about the hero shot in product photography.

Have a nice day and see you soon!


Greta Sanchez

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