Painting with light, double exposure?

Hello Dear reader!

This week I will tell you about my experience using two different light sources: flash and a  and with a long exposure, this in the film days had to be done with a double exposure, that means they used the same film and took a first photo of the object, and then went back and over the same film took a second photo to add something else.

Blog_Greta_Sanchez_estrella_photographics_Vanier_Park_Vancouver_2For this photograph of the bottle, I used f/8 ISO 100 and 6 seconds, there were two strobes located on the sides of the bottles to have the nice contouring of the bottle, and using the flashes from the strobe captured the exposure of the bottle, then using the 6 seconds of the shutter speed, I proceeded with a lantern to paint with light on the background of the bottle.

So really the most tricky part is to paint some interesting shapes, and remember to point the light of your lantern to the camera.

Finally a very useful tip, if you are photographing liquids, make sure the table where you have it placed is levelled, as I missed this important detail the first time and you can see how the liquid in the bottle is not straight, so then I had to do the shot again.

Lighting diagram bottle double exposureFor the final image and the one on top of this post, I decided to use a different bottle, and since it had a label, then I added 1 more diffused light in front of the bottle to light the label and a reflector on the back of the bottle to light evenly and with that golden colour of the liquid, here you have on the left the lighting diagram.

For next post I will be talking about a photoshoot I did of hats with models in the studio, where the most important thing was the colours to be captured and reproduced as the hats are based on next years pantone colours and are going to go to a contest.

I look forward to hear from you, let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Greta Sanchez






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