Tips for successful Portraits on a Studio

Hello dear reader!!

For this week I will talk about taking photographs of people, and tell you some of the basic steps to follow to achieve great results:


1. When you meet the person that you will be photographing take some time to sit with them and ask some questions, as what is that they are looking for in the images, and for what they will be using them.

2. That is also the moment where you break some ice and get to know them a little, and they will have time to adjust to the environment where they are, as not many people has been on a studio previously and it can be intimidating.

3. Take in consideration as well that everyone has an eye that looks more open than the other, so for the perspective it will be better to have them pose turning their head leaving the smaller eye on the front and the bigger eye on the farthest side that faces the camera.


4. The music plays a very important part on the mood of people, so ask your model what type of music is they like or if they want to hear their favourite singer.

5. Talk to the person in front of the camera as they don’t know what is going on, and if you have to adjust lights or the settings or your camera, keep them on the loop so that way they don’t think they are doing something wrong.

6. Guide them trough the posing and for this it can be very helpful to lead them with your hand, you can explain them to follow it as you move the hand to tilt their head, or turn in the same way you are turning your hand towards them.


7. Keep it short, if you have your model posing for a long time, they get tired and most likely your best shots will be the first ones anyway.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to respond them.

For the next week stay tuned, as I will be talking of high contrast lighting and how this type of light can help you enhance the muscles of a person.

See you soon!

Greta Sanchez

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