Colour Vs Black & White photographs

Hello dear reader: I have been doing some experimentation with black and white photography and when it suits better an image, I will be sharing with you my discoveries during this post. I think there are several considerations to take in mind to decide which option will fit better a particular project. When you want... Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes: Fashion Shoot

Hello dear reader! I will tell you this week about my experience in a fashion photoshoot on location, and remember to check out the BTS (Behind the scenes) video I share at the end of this post. It was an assignment I had, where it was required to have at least 3 models and had... Continue Reading →

The challenge of a hero Shot

Hello Dear reader! In product photography, is very common to see catalog images as nowadays on line shopping is extremely popular worldwide, however there are other types of photographs for products and are quite challenging for photographers and care called "hero shots", and what does this mean? The first time I heard the term I... Continue Reading →

Hats of Pantone 2018

Hello dear reader! As promised here you have the images captured for the Pantone contest, the hats were designed by students of LaSalle College, and are made with the colour of the Pantone of 2018 where pink is one of the predominant colours. This photoshoot was done in a Studio, and we used paper to... Continue Reading →

Painting with light, double exposure?

Hello Dear reader! This week I will tell you about my experience using two different light sources: flash and a  and with a long exposure, this in the film days had to be done with a double exposure, that means they used the same film and took a first photo of the object, and then... Continue Reading →

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